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The China National Health Development Research Center, or CNHDRC, (formerly known as the China Health Economics Institute), is a research institution based in Beijing and established in 1991 under the leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Health (MoH). It operates as a national think tank providing technical consultancy to health policy makers across the country. Over the last two decades CNHDRC has grown significantly; the institution currently hosts 82 registered researchers, 25 contract-based or temporarily-deployed research fellows, and eight internationally-famous scholars as chief experts or invited research fellows.


  1. Conduct research on health development and reform strategy and take part in health development and reform programs;
  2. Conduct research on public health policy and provide health policy-makers with policy recommendations;
  3. Conduct health management research and implement relevant programs;
  4. Conduct research and programs on health policy and health technology evaluation;
  5. Conduct research on health economics and health management theories and methodologies and implement relevant programs.


Who we work with at CNHDRC

  • Prof. Zhang Zhenzhong, FHS China General Superintendent (FHS Publications)
  • Prof. Mao Zhengzhong, FHS China Chief Technical Director
  • Main researchers:
    • Zhao Kun
    • Jiang Qin
    • Zhao Yingxu
    • Qin Jiangmei
    • Jin Chenggang
    • Gao Jinsong
    • Ning Li
    • Hao Xiaoning
    • Wang Yunping
    • Gu Xuefei
    • Song Daping
    • Xiao Yue
    • Zhang Zhiguo