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Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, ICDDR,B is a distinguished research, training and service institution and is the only international health research centre based in a developing country. Its reputation has largely been established in biomedical and population research, and has recently broadened its mandate to examine health systems and poverty issues. It has recently established a Health and Poverty Programme, which it intends to strengthen through participation in FHS. ICDDR,B has worked extensively with JHSPH in numerous research endeavours over the past 40 years in child health and demographic surveillance.


Who we work with at ICDDR,B


  • Dr Abbas Bhuyia, FHS Research Director (FHS publications)
  • Dr Mohammed Iqbal (FHS publications)
  • Dr Tanvir Ahmed (FHS publications)
  • Dr Sabrina Rasheed (FHS publications)
  • Dr Fatema (FHS publications)
  • Imran Reza Khan, FHS Bangladesh Communications Officer (FHS publications)