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Consortium Management

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) based in Baltimore, USA, is leading the management of Future Health Systems. Dr Sara Bennet is the program CEO and convenes several different management groupings, including the Consortium Management Team, the Consortium Steering Committee, and the Consortium Advisory Group. The figure below shows the relationships between these teams.

FHS Oranizational Structure


Consortium Management Team

  • Dr Sara Bennett, CEO (JHSPH)
  • Prof David H Peters, Research Director (JHSPH)
  • Dr Abbas Bhuyia, Research Director (ICDDR,B)
  • Daniela Lewy, Research Manager (JHSPH)
  • Jeff Knezovich, Policy Influence and Research Uptake Manager (IDS)


Consortium Steering Committee

The Consortium Steering Committee, made up of a representative of each partner, guides the overall direction of the consortium. It consists of the management team and the following organizational representatives:

  • Dr Abbas Bhuyia (ICDDR,B)
  • Dr Gerald Bloom (IDS)
  • Dr Barun Kanjilal (IIHMR)
  • Prof David H Peters (JHSPH)
  • Dr Zhang Zhenzhong (CNHDRC)
  • Elizabeth Ekirapa-Kiracho (MakSPH)
  • Dr William Bazeyo (HEALTH Alliance, MakSPH)


Consortium advisory group

The consortium has also established an independent advisory group to oversee strategic direction. This group is comprised of:

  • Ms Sujata Rao – former Health Secretary of India, representing a policymaker’s perspective
  • Dr George Pariyo – currently Head of Research at the Global Health Workforce Alliance, WHO, representing a research perspective
  • Dr Eliya Zulu – Executive Director of the African Institute for Development Policy representing a policy influence and research uptake perspective.
  • Allison Beattie and Iain Jones, consortium link persons at DFID, constitute the remaining members of the CAG