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Eldis is an online information service providing free access to up-to-date research on international development issues. The resources below are the most recent updates on the Eldis guides to Health Systems and Policy from FHS countries.


Opportunity to work with Future Health Systems

One of the Future Health Systems partners, the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton, UK, is seeking applications for a new FHS-related position: Post-Doctoral Researcher: Health systems, health markets and the diffusion of innovation.

IDS are looking for someone with a doctorate degree in social science or public health, who combines excellent research skills, a knowledge of the messy contexts within which poor people seek health care and drugs and a desire to find practical ways to improve health system performance.

The successful candidate will have special expertise in one or more of the following topics:

  • intervening in health markets.
  • analysing institutional development in the health and social sectors.
  • studying diffusion of pro-poor innovations.

They should have a very good knowledge of development and development challenges in Africa or Asia. Substantial work, research and/or programme experience in low and middle-income countries is essential along with excellent analytical, research methods (qualitative and/or quantitative) and writing skills, demonstrated by a record of projects, publications and reports. Fluency in one of the languages of the partners of the Future Health Systems Consortium would be an asset.

For more details and to apply, please visit the IDS website.


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