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ICTs and the changing health knowledge economy: how people find health information in Bangladesh

Project overview

The objective of this study is to examine how and in what ways the spread of mass media, increased access to the Internet and very high level of mobile phone use are changing the ways that poor people seek health-related information and advice. Overall the study seeks to examine health information seeking behaviours in the context of the rapid increase in the use of ICTs, particularly mobile phones, in Bangladesh; identify those with the potential to spread rapidly; and contribute to debates about the implications of related major changes in the health knowledge economy and appropriate regulatory responses.

The study will examine health information seeking behaviour in one relatively remote rural area in Bangladesh, one rural area with good transport links to Dhaka and one slum in Dhaka.

This is an exploratory mixed methods study at both individual and household level. Study approaches include a literature review, key informant interviews, a meta-analysis of previous studies of ICT-poverty links, a quantitative survey, and targeted studies of specific ICT health initiatives.

This project will contribute to the 'stimulating innovations' theme.

Project duration

December 2012 - November 2015

Project funders

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